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Artist Statement

I strive to create distinctively passionate and soulful art. I will forever be in pursuit of expressing the effects of positive energy that I feel as an artist, and infuse it into my paintings to share with others through my use of colours, techniques and subjects. My work is an exploration of my inner self and spirit; I am drawn to the light. I am using paint to capture a fleeting moment of radiance and warmth; chasing the feeling that the light is shining so brightly just for the viewer, and just for that escaping second. I am exhilarated by elements of the environment around me, and painting is my way of sharing my vision and inviting others to experience the world as I do.

Although experienced in multiple mediums, I consistently favour incorporating the natural elements of wood and its grain throughout my body of work. Early in my career I started painting on birch wood panels. I pursue the natural flow of the wood grain as a way to bring out the spirit of a piece. I have continued to explore the complexities of this unique natural design, using the distinctive shapes to plan the composition of a painting. Through this process many of my landscapes have evolved to being created without reference, purely through intuition and imagination. They are inspired by a combination of dreams of scenes in nature that may or may not exist. In order to captivate the patterns of the fluid-like wood grain, I create my own stains using bright and lively acrylic paint similar to how one would use watercolour. With every painting I carefully consider how the different layers of colour, light, detail, opacity, transparency, and the wood grain will all interact with each other to create a final, spectacular impression.

I want my paintings to attract those who love nature the same way I do. Some things are witnessed in nature that simply cannot be captured in a photograph because they were more felt than seen. My work is intended to tap into the memories of others taking them to a place or feeling that I didn't even know existed. When I paint it’s a spiritual experience. It’s as though I am channeling all of my invisible, positive energy into a physical creation that I am able to put back out into the world around me.