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Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the energy exchange that occurs between nature and the individual. There is an interaction that sparks between spirit and place that is beyond the physical experience, and I use painting as a means of observing, exploring, and celebrating this intangible connection to landscape and animals. I am currently an Ontario based artist who has spent the last few years developing my career in the nest of the maritimes. In doing so my work has revolved around honouring the natural iconography of the East coast. 


 My process is both intuitive and based in references taken from reality. I interpret landscapes and animals through elements of graceful light, fluid movement, and layers of transparency on natural wood surfaces. Incorporating the wood grain pattern into the composition, I am able to create pieces that harmonize with nature in a way that is unique to each painting. Dazzling ethereal light is often how I represent my spirit and the connection that I feel with the “intangible”. I seek to discover hidden memories and meanings that are shared amongst others, finding commonalities through imagery. My work visualizes my impressions of the divine energy of nature and its power to reach us deep within our souls.


Human presence is often omitted from my paintings, however the human experience and spiritualism is often the central theme behind my work. Each of us brings a different set of memories, a different set of connection points and symbolism that attach to the naturescapes that surround us. Exploring these themes and the construction of emotional personal histories, I hope to weave together a conversation that resonates with others. 

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