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Fond Farewell
Serene Prospects
Downtown Fredericton mural
Chess Piece Patio Mural
Sequoia window painting
Guiding Light I
guiding light II
medicine shoppe pharmacy
medicine shoppe pharmacy
Black Lives Matter Window Mural at The C
'Mama Moon' Acrylic on Birch Tondo, 24".
'Otherworldly Embrace' Acrylic on Birch
'Nights Companions' Acrylic on Birch Pan
'Wave Rider' Acrylic on Waterloo Row Elm
'Sought After' Acrylic on Birch Panel, 1
'The Message', Acrylic on Birch Tondo, 3
'Perfect Escape' Acrylic on Birch, 15x30
Atlantic Dolphin - Private Mural
'Crowning Light' Acrylic on Birch Panel,
'Golden Jay' Acrylic on Birch, 12x24"
'Fates Entwined' Acrylic on Birch Panel,
Frost Collection - Minis
Frost Collection - Minis
'Ascension', Acrylic on Birch Panel,24x3
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