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'New Growth' - A series inspired by spring

New Growth

This series is inspired by a yearning for the energy and life of spring. The winter has been long and I have found myself longing for the smells of trees and the warmth of the sun on my skin. I used to love the cozy winter months but just as the seasons change, so have I. Years ago I spent much of my time indoors, unmotivated and unengaged with the environment around me. It was offering me so much, and at the time I just didn’t realize it or fully appreciate it. I’ve made many changes in my life since that time, but the most significant to me is that I spend as much time outdoors as I can during the warmer months, and in return I have received so much from that interaction.

Spring is often associated with ideas of rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth which compliment the concept of Art is Artist theme. We must continue to change, to learn, and to grow to become something new while learning the lessons of our past seasons. Images of nature have always flowed through my mind but now that I actively engage with my environment, the images feel more personal & connected to my own experiences. I feel as though I can hear a whispered voice from nature guiding me towards something. This series of work is my way of voicing back my gratitude for that guidance towards new growth.

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